How to Become Canadian Citizen

How to Become Canadian Citizen

How to Become Canadian Citizen; Have you been looking for ways to become a Candian citizen? Do you wish to know if you can apply for Canada citizenship? This platform will provide every detail and requirements you need to know on how to become one.

How to Become Canadian Citizen


Your Knowledge of Canada

Before you become a citizen, you will have to take an exam to satisfy your basic understanding of Canada’s citizenship. You will have to answer the following questions about Canda

  1. History
  2. Symbols
  3. Values
  4. Institutions
  5. Rights, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship

You will have to write tests which are

  1. In English or French
  2. Made from queries supported the Discover North American study guide.
  3. In a written format, unless you will like it oral with a citizenship officer.


How to Become Canadian Citizen


If you have committed any crime outside Canada or in Canada, you will not be eligible to apply for citizenship for an amount of your time. Which includes;

  1. If you are serving a sentence outside the country.
  2. Imprisonment on parole or probation in within the country.
  3. You are charged in court with indictable offense in Canada or offense outside Canada

How to Become Canadian Citizen

How to Become Canadian Citizen


You don’t automatically become a citizen after you marry a Canadian. If you’re a spouse of a Canadian citizen you;

  1. Must meet an equivalent eligibility needs as alternative adults
  2. Don’t have to meet any special needs


How to Become Canadian Citizen

How to Become Canadian Citizen


English and French are the official languages of Canada. Before you become a citizen, you will simply speak and listen in one among these languages. You can do the following;

  1. Engage in brief everyday conversations concerning common topics
  2. Understand straightforward directions, queries and directions
  3. Use basic descriptive linguistics as well as straightforward structures and tenses.
  4. Show you recognize enough common words and phrases

You must note that about 15.8% Canadians got their citizenship by naturalization. Before you become a Canadian citizen, you must comply to the listed criteria above.

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